Review: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

Nov 17, 2019

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was just okay. I really wanted to love it but it just didn't happen. There were times I would get a bit lost and wonder where the story just jumped to but then I would catch back up.

The art was very good. I loved the colors. That is what drew me into this graphic novel.

We follow 2 girls that keep dating and breaking up. Laura Dean is a bit of an egocentric person. She cares for no one but herself. But poor Freddy keeps wanting more.

After Freddy keeps pushing away her best friend to make things happen with Laura Dean, things become clear. Something is wrong with Freddy's best friend. Doodle becomes secluded and when someone tells Freddy she needs to be concerned for her best friend, Freddy searches out the matter.

The story line is cute by the very end but getting there was a bit confusing at times. I think I was comparing it to "Heartbreaker" but please don't do that. It does mess the story up when comparing it to that. I wanted the feels from this one like I got from Heartbreaker, but it didn't happen. I think that I why it let me down.

It is still a solid read and a solid 3 stars.

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