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Hello Rustic Beauties.

I know that sometimes it is hard to get traffic to your website and you need help. Trust me, I am aware of the trouble it takes to get started.

I have noticed that sometimes people charge to just feature your blog, well not me. If you want to promote your page and need a place to have your blog/website/facebook/instagram or whatever page you want to promote. It doesn't have to be just book related but only clean websites. Just contact me and I will get your blog posted on my side wall. If I get too many request, I will start posted them here as well.

See below for a few recommended blogs that I suggest.

  1. Super Space Chick
  2. The AudioBookWorm
  3. The Artsy Reader Girl
  4. Mel to the Any
  5. Odd and Bookish
  6. The Book Addicts Guide
  7. The Perpetual Page Turner
  8. Pop Goes the reader
  9. Across the books
  10. Scaredy Engines End of Line Library
  11. Book Lover Kate
  12. Books and Munches

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