Interested in collaborating with  If your blog, shop, website, product or service targets what I think would be acceptable on my website, then I would love to team up with you to promote your items.

Please email me at if you have any questions regarding sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways and/or campaigns.

I am excited to say that I have only really been at this fulltime for a 6 months and I am still expanding my social media outlets. I started rusticbookreviews on Instagram and got so many wonderful reviews and messages there, I wanted to expand into my own website. This has been such a wonderful outlet to express my love for all things books and life. I will be trying to better this site and still finding the exact look I want to go for.

Current Statistics (as of December 6, 2018)

Twitter Followers: 230
Instagram Followers: 990
YouTube Subscribers: 120 - This was my old geeky account - in the process of updating products to change this to my bookish channel.

Companies I’ve Worked With

Flatiron Books, Macmillan, Black Spot Books, Tor, St. Martin Press, Harper Collins, BLVNP publishing company, Little, Brown, and Company, Orbit Books, and More! I also worked for self published authors and they never disappoint.

Me and My Favorite Author, Cameo Renae. Penned Con 2017.

Rules when working with sponsors/advertisers:
1) All reviews will be Tonya's actual opinion.
2) If money or products have been given in exchange for a post, it will be disclosed.
3) Tonya reserves the right to refuse to review a product or service for, if it is not the right fit for the site or if is not something I would like to endorse.

Thank you for stopping by and if you are interested in have your items endorsed or promoted, just email me and we will work it out.

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