Review: Rayven Choi: Koreamerican

Dec 9, 2020

Rayven Choi: Koreamerican Rayven Choi: Koreamerican by Shequeta Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Squad by this author and I had to pick up her other works.

TW: Death, Blood, gun shooting, Voilence

This book is so good! Its short and a fast read. The art work is done great. So easy to follow.

We follow a young girl with her family on a train that is shot down on the search for a recorded tape. As the only survivor, a young girl is placed in the custody of the FBI.

After 20 years in Korea where she has lived since a young child, she is faced with a decision that has been given to her to return to America. In her thoughts to return to American and going down memory lane and finding her old teddy bear she had the day the shooting happened, she finds something that may help solve the mystery of that horrible day that killed her family.

I will be continuing with the story. These are free to read with KU if you have it.

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