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Hi there, Thanks for visiting my page.

Hi my name is Tonya Luttrull and I am the sole owner of "Rustic Book Reviews."

How did I come up with the name of "Rustic Book Reivews" you ask? My husband and I love to go flea market shopping and we love rustic items. So why not incorporate my love for rustic items into my love for books. So is the name "Rustic Book Reviews."

I currently live in Arkansas. I love to attend as many book events as I can. With that being said, my yearly book event I attend is Penned Con in St. Louis, Mo. If you have not been. You need to check out Penned Con's website and make plans to attend. It is such an amazing place to meet authors of any kind there. You are free to chat as you want and the lines are not crazy long. This event normally runs 150+ authors, so you will not be disappointed.

I love toy collecting and funko pops. I love horror. I love to read. I listen to tons of audio books since I do go so much. Audiobooks are often my source of getting to hear the story. I love to Instagram. Make sure you check out my instagram page.

I am currently getting my YouTube channel transferred over to book related items. I use to do a lot of unboxings there but never was happy with that and never really got to express my true self so I was very unhappy with the videos.

I currently also work a fulltime 40 hours job. So I don't get to update like I want but when I can, I try to get my reviews up for my reading on Goodreads. If you are following my blog on here, then you are getting all my Goodreads updates. They are linked. This site is being updated due to I had another website but it was just not user friendly as far importing feeds from Goodreads. So I am now updating and changing my website here.

If at anytime you have any questions please feel free to send me a comment below.

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