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Nov 17, 2019

Capturing the Devil Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco
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Okay, so I have set on this a while and I did not love this. I was so disappointed in the last installment of this series. I love Kerri and her writing but this wasn't my favorite story. I wanted so much more of the H.H. Holmes story but you honestly got like 25% H.H. Holmes & 75% love story. Granted, I loved the story but it was so long. The author definitely took her time with this so everyone could get the love story but I wanted more of what we got in the first 2 books. Book 3 and Book 4 began to really lean toward Thomas & Audrey a lot more and their story.

H.H. Holmes has so much behind his story. I have been researching him for about 2 years and there was so much that could have been put into this story. I also kept getting thrown off because she kept calling him Jack the Ripper. - Yes some believe he may be the same but some do not. I did watch a study on H.H. Holmes that was featured by Holmes' great great great grandson. He was trying to debunk if Holmes really was the Ripper. Now there are a million and one signs that points him to being the ripper. Such as his fake names being used on the logs that boarded the ship to London at the time the Ripper attacks happened as well as when they stopped, it showed his name on the return manifest. Then the killings began to happen in Chicago.

I don't really know but I wanted to so much more on this story.

NOW Kerri does have a new work in process and I still make sure I pick anything she writes.

My heart can not wait until the release of this book! I don't think she could have ended a series off on a better story. I have special ordered the Beacon Box for this book and then there is another box where this book is being featured coming March 30th that I am eyeing.

I have also bought several of the releases and special books editions for Finale by Stephanie Garber. These 2 book are my most anticipated for 2019. The days are getting closer even though I still have to wait until September for Capturing the Devil. I also, have not seen the actual cover reveal for this book yet, so I am so excited when I get to this book cover.

**The story of H.H. Holmes runs pretty close to the story of Jack the Ripper. Actually, some believe that H.H. Holmes is Jack the Ripper since he fell off the grid around the time Jack the Ripper started his killing spree in London. Records have even been found that H.H. Holmes used several different names and those names were found on a manifest going toward London before the murders. The story of H.H. Holmes intriques me and the murder house that he built. The mind of this guy was insane but he had to be very intelligent to build this home and no one ever catch what he was doing. Story was told that he would fire the hired hands because he did not want anyone finding out his design for the murder house. I can not wait to see her side of this story. **

If you have not watched the TV series on H.H. Holmes then I would highly suggest this.

Also, to add the joy of this book coming out, there is rumor that possibly Kerri Maniscalco may be in Nashville with no other than Stephanie Garber herself. They will be there for a book signing on May 11th. Now, I don't think Kerri has actually announced this so I could be wrong but my heart would be so happy to have 2 of my favorite authors in one place! I can NOT contain my excited until I hear if the news is true!!!!

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