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Dec 19, 2019

Hidden Wings Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

December 2019 UPDATE!! Time for a reread! I have been having the erg to dive back into this world. Honestly I think I need yearly reread every year. This series is what started my love for reading. I enjoy the world building and the books just get better as they go! I highly suggest you give these books a shot. They are such fun reads!

This book was wonderful. I love this author. After I read her Hidden Wings series, I had to meet the author behind the books. I had the luck of meeting her last year and again this year. She takes you on a journey. You get to escape all the pressures of life and dive into the YA. She was YA author of 2016 for Penned Con 2016. I watched as she accepted her award for this book series.

This story is a love story between Emma and Kade. When she turns 18 she must make a choice of which side she will choose. She is struggling because she has fell for and Angel but Lucifer wants her also so he sends his own distraction her way. So will she choose good or bad?

She is caught in the battle of Darklings and Fallen angles. Her family and friends become targets in trying to keep her safe and in the protection of the barrier from the Fallen Angels. After danger accours to her family she must take a trip to Hell and come face to face with Lucifer himself to try to save her family and her own life. The 5 stages of hell is just amazingly told and described in such details.

How will this story unfold?? You must read this!!! I recommend.... This is all in book 1!!!

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