UPDATE - Terrific Thursday! - MOLLY

Oct 25, 2018

Hello Rustic Beauties,

So I just returned from the vet from taking my baby girl Molly and the vet stated she did not need surgery to remove her dew Claw. He just stated she ripped the skin on the side and it is swollen. He gave her a shot and told me to keep it bandaged and cleaned for the next week and if it is not better then he will take them off.

I really think it would have been best to remove them but I know it is rough on them when they get them done. So I will just keep an eye on baby girl and make sure she stays safe.

She is such a big baby. I love my boxer bundle of love. She is definitely a mans best friend. She loves to cuddle up beside me under the covers on the couch and snuggle love with me.

Do you own dogs? If so how many? What kind? I have 4 by the way.

Rustic Love,

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