Terrible Thursday - My Dog Molly

Oct 25, 2018

Hello Rustic Beauties,

This has been a long week. I have not been able to get any reading under my belt at all. The past 2 weeks have seem to be dog weeks.

Last week, my 12 year old boxer mix had a horrible UTI. She was the only dog I have that wasn't fixed and I just felt she was to old to be put through that, but after the major UTI she had, we had to take her to vet and the vet had to spay her. I was scared to death with her being 12 years old, but she did excellent. She was weak a few days and I had to mix we dog food with dry dog food to get her to eat but by the 4th day she was back to acting like her normal self. I am supposed to take her tomorrow to get her stitches removed.

NOW, as of Tuesday, my full 4 year old boxer, ripped her due claw late Tuesday night. I took her to vet on Wednesday morning but once I got there I realized they were closed on Wednesday. I always forget my vet closes on Wednesdays. So I had to take her back home and head to work. My husband got off and went home and bandaged up her foot real good. So I came into work 2 hours early today on Thursday so I can leave at 9 am to take her to vet. They will probably keep her over night and do surgery to remove the dew claws. My heart hurts for her. I always here this is a rough healing process for dogs when they are older. Have any of you experienced this with your dogs? If so, was the healing process hard?

These 2 dogs are often not the best of friends but when they are I love to catch a picture of them loving each other.

I also have 2 other babies that are my heart. I hope you enjoy a few pictures of my fur babies. Welcome to my life. The boxer is Molly, boxer mix is Sadie, the Chihuahua is Bella, and Malshipoo is Noah. The loves of my life.  

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