Review: The Haunting of Ashburn House

Oct 16, 2020

The Haunting of Ashburn House The Haunting of Ashburn House by Darcy Coates
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 but rounded up to a 4.

This was my first Darcy Coates book and loved the atmosphere that this book has and the story and plot were great but the closer it got to the end for me, I think I wanted more and it just didn't make it there for me.

Goodreads Synopsis:

There's something wrong with Ashburn House...
The ancient building has been the subject of rumors for close to a century. Its owner, Edith, refused to let guests inside and rarely visited the nearby town.

Following Edith's death, her sole surviving relative, Adrienne, inherits the property. Adrienne's only possessions are a suitcase of luggage, twenty dollars, and her pet cat. Ashburn House is a lifeline she can't afford to refuse.

Adrienne doesn't believe in ghosts, but it's hard to ignore the unease that grows as she explores her new home. Strange messages have been etched into the wallpaper, an old grave is hidden in the forest behind the house, and eerie portraits in the upstairs hall seem to watch her every movement.

As she uncovers more of the house's secrets, Adrienne begins to believe the whispered rumors about Ashburn may hold more truth than she ever suspected. The building has a bleak and grisly past, and as she chases the threads of a decades-old mystery, Adrienne realizes she's become the prey to something deeply unnatural and intensely resentful.

Only one thing is certain: Ashburn's dead are not at rest.


Adrienne has inherited "Ashburn House" by her great aunt Edith. Upon moving into the home she struggles with money and issues getting to town for food but while staying in the home she begins to see carvings staying "light the candle on every Friday night" and never really understanding what was going on.

“This is a house that hasn’t seen a new soul in half a century. The walls are saturated with her; the floorboards are worn down from her feet; the very air continues to carry her presence after her death.”
― Darcy Coates, The Haunting of Ashburn House

As nights would draw close she would hear the stillness of the outside and the creepy factor would set up. The shrill scream of her cat "wolf" would let her know something bad was going on.

“It must be nice to be a cat. No bills to pay.

After meeting friends after finally making it to town, things begin to happen to them and one ends up in accident in her woods where they locate a grave with E. Ashburn. But was this Edith?

We follow Adrienne as she learns about the property and the secrets it holds over the years and the murders that took place there years before.

After being in the home and finally coming face to face with the very thing she feared while being in the home and the clicking noises that the thing would make, would send chills down your spin.

I truly was enjoying this book until we got about an hour from the end in the audiobook, I wanted more from the end. I was let down. I did enjoy the aspect of finding a letter later on but I still longed for something more.

I still recommend this book but I just knew this was going to be a 4.5 for me but I ended it at a 3.5. Still not bad. I will continue to read more by this author since this is just my first book. I need to find out my love for their books. However, I did love the writing style. I was very easily followed and I could see every detail happening but I just wished for more in the end.

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