Review: The Sun Down Motel

Feb 17, 2020

The Sun Down Motel The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I just knew that I would love this book when I first found out about it. It did not disappoint me.

You are following different timelines, one from 1982 and the other from 2017.

1982: Viv Delaney - running away from her family, she is headed to New York but on the way she gets a ride with a hitchhiker and he does something that make her uncomfortable and she tells him to just drop her off - well he does - in a place called "Fell NY" - She ends up staying longer than she wants and gets a job at "The Sundown Motel" and after being there for a while she begins to notice the Motel isn't all that it appears. It is more than just a Motel and it holds a lot of secrets. Doors begin to open and close on their own but over time she begins to notice a routine when a certain person arrives at the Motel. But in the process of Viv learning what is going on - she goes missing and has left her purse and car with no trace of her. No one has ever found out what happened to her.

2017: Carly - Niece of Viv. It has been 35 years and she never knew what happened to her aunt. Her mother would never talk about her and when her mother passed away she left to find out the secrets of her aunt. Upon arriving in Fell NY - and doing some research she finds out that the Motel is hiring the night time clerk - the same position her aunt held when she went missing. So she could not miss the chance to put in her application for the job. Upon getting the job she begins to also realize there is more to this Motel and that it holds a story that needs to be told. She soon dives in to her investigation.

You are following 2 timelines and seeing each POV and you are seeing as they both investigate the matter and how both find out the same thing but Carly ---- She pushed a little harder.

This story was creepy at times and I loved how it had me wanting more. I highly recommend this book. I definitely want to move on to more by this author. I currently own The Broken Girls and will be getting to it soon.

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