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Jan 15, 2020

Skyward Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a solid 4 stars. This was my first Brandon Sanderson book and will not be my last. I will be picking up book 2 in the next couple of days when I finish the current book I am reading! I highly recommend this.

Trigger Warnings: Death of friends

“People need stories, child. They bring us hope, and that hope is real. If that's the case, what does it matter whether people in them actually lived?”

Spensa has wanted to follow in her dads footsteps since she was a child but soon she finds out everything she thought she knew about him may not be true.

“Sometimes, the answers we need don’t match the questions we’re asking.”

Spensa takes a test to attend a pilot academy in hopes of being everything her dad was. Only to find out that the she may not get to attend. But after some changing events she has made it and to only find out now that she can not stay the rooms with the others. She soon finds comfort in a cave she use to explore. She was not going to let anyone get the best of her and tell her she can not make it. She was going to be the best pilot out there.

While staying in the cave she comes across an old ship and with a help from a friend she begins to repair this ship. Only she didn't know that M-Bot could speak and tons of life in him. and he LOVES mushrooms. - I loved M-Bot! He was so fun to read about.

“Good night, sweet prince,” M-Bot whispered as the junk crashed to the ground. “Or princess. Or, most likely, genderless piece of inanimate space junk.”

This book had a wonderful cast of characters and the world building in this book was done very well. I never had a problem following the cast around and know exactly what was going on.

However, Chapter 19 in this book ripped my heart out. I was so sad to loose some of the amazing cast we were growing to love.

I really hope you guys give this book a try! It is a solid read!

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