Review: Teeth in the Mist

Dec 19, 2019

Teeth in the Mist Teeth in the Mist by Dawn Kurtagich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I noticed I rated this a 4 star... After thinking on this and I keep wanting to reread and I talk to everyone about this book - I am changing it to a 5 star. This book was great.

Trigger Warning: Demonic sounds in the audiobook, Death, Gore, Creepy factors, Cutting, self-harm.

I took a few days to dwell on this one! I really enjoyed the book but I had to take a moment and wrap my head around the timelines and how they all came together. I am going with a 4.5 star on this. I think the timelines throw me off some and then the ending is a bit confusing so that is why the book is not a full 5 stars.

I did listen to this on audiobook and the audiobook along deserves 5 Stars. So I am giving the book a 4 and the audiobook a 5 so leaving my rating a 4.5. I did read and follow along with the audiobook in the hardback book just so I could see the pictures and format that was set up in the book. They were both done very well as far as formatting.

We follow several POV's in the book which each had their own timeline. This audiobook had amazing sound effects. The voices were outstanding. It made the book so creepy just hearing the sounds and the voices instead of just reading it.

Zoey (NOW)
Roan (1851)
Hermione (1583)

You also have several others in the time that Roan was in when she arrived at Mill House that arrived with her. She tells her story as she seen it there, with their stories as well. They are all connected to one thing, Mill House.

Roan arrives at Mill house as a ward of the state. She arrives and finds that the house feels uneasy. Things are not what they appear here. Sounds and the darkness surround her everywhere.

Zoey is in the now and has always been fascinated with Mill house so she and her best friend, Pole, set off to explore Mill Hose and to find out why it drove her dad mad.

Hermione lived in 1853 and you get her dairy entries as she telling her story. You hear the match strick and light the candle as she writes and then she tells her story. She and her husband are expecting a child and have just acquired Mill House but soon she notices things are not right. You follow her journey in the darkness of Mill House.

There are 3 things that Mill House has in every timeline and POV - it is dark, creepy, and has many deaths. The mountain scenes were done in great detail. The darkness seeped through the pages.

You also soon realize that they were not just randomly chosen for Mill House. They were all brought there for a reason. BUT WHY?


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Can someone help me out with the timelines?

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