Review: Hopeless Magic by A.K. Koonce

Sep 20, 2019

Hopeless Magic by A.K. Koonce

Published by Self-Published on Feb. 6th, 2018
Genre: Adult/Romance
Pages: 142
Format: Audiobook & Paperback
Source: SCRIBD
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GoodReads Synopsis:

If life really was a fairy tale, Zakara would never be the damsel in distress. She’d be a thief, and Prince Charming wouldn’t have a clue how to steal the heart of the conniving criminal.

Zakara saves not one, but three men locked inside the tallest tower. Her first instinct is to ditch them as soon as possible, but they have one thing that intrigues her more than wealth:


Fae magic once ruled the world, until it disappeared without a trace. Only myths of the magic wielders linger in their destroyed society.

The three prisoners claim to be fae, but she doesn’t trust them.

She doesn’t trust anyone.

Can Prince Ryder convince the pretty thief to lead them to the Hopeless City? Or will she kill him before they even arrive?

This is a reverse harem serial. Recommended for readers over 18.

I will probably continue on with them because they are so short and because I bought the book set. Maybe the story will progress as it goes along and you will get more out of the story.

I met this author last week at Penned and I have seen these books on Scribd so I bought her books and decided to give them a listen on Scribd. The book is about 3 hours long but I finished it in about an 1 hour. I listened to it at 3X the speed.

This book was basically the beginning of a book. I would say all the books she had could probably have made one big novel. This was about 142 pages and in those 142 pages you basically got exactly what the Synopsis says and that is pretty much the book. Plus a few Adult scenes.

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