Blitz Day/Blog Tour - Count the Rain (Snow Spark Saga Book #4) by Kathryn Lee Martin

Aug 27, 2019

Count the Rain (Snow Spark Saga Book #4) by Kathryn Lee Martin

Published by The Parliament House on August 27th, 2019
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Steampunk
Pages: 327
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon
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I have partnered up with The Parliament House to bring you a story that must be read!

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sixteen-year-old professional outlaw, Rags, never wanted to help save the world. But with the death of Hyperion and the salvation of the Kingdom at hand, she finds her newfound freedom to be more than she’s prepared for. That is, until a mysterious assassin targets her and the new leader of the Kingdom, Henrick Oreson, uttering two words: “Praise Antiquity.” A ghost from the Kingdom’s past, Antiquity, poses a new threat. It’s rumored to be more advanced and is determined to take over in Hyperion’s stead. Forced to leave her family behind once again, Rags flees to Zephyr to protect them and the upcoming Council meeting that could make or break the Kingdom’s future. But with Antiquity coming for them, there are only two choices: go to the front lines and fight, or let the fragile new Kingdom fall.

Together with Henrick, new second-in-command Colton Caelan Fieldson, and Supporter leader Meridian, Rags must find a way to cripple Antiquity and prevent Zephyr from falling into the wrong hands. It won’t be easy when Antiquity has a weapon that could end the Kingdom in a single night. She’ll have to call upon everything she knows and the alliances she’s made to answer the one question that could mean the downfall of everything she’s fought for: are the needs of the many worth those of the few? Her choice will determine if the new Kingdom rises from the ashes… or returns to them.

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Please make sure you check this book out and add it to your Goodreads and buy it on Amazon. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful reviews.

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