Review: I Hate Love by Foxglove Lee

Jul 5, 2019

I Hate Love

I Hate Love by Foxglove Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This was a very fast listen. I found it on Scribd and wanted to something short before I went to bed. I was only 36 minutes and I listen to it at 2.5 the speed so I was done with in 10 minutes with the book. It only had one chapter.

It was hard to really get a good view of what the book was about. We have Mila and Laura that are best friends and Laura is a lesbian and she always watches her best Mila which always talks about guys. What does Mila think about this?

Jaden is the third BFF in the click and is being questioned by the teacher if he is being sexually abused by an older man based on a conversation he heard Mila and Laura talking about. But the girls did not want to reveal the secret their friend was hiding. This could have been investigated more on the teachers side but it was such a short story that I am sure this would have took longer to explain in the book.

I did give it a 3 star because it did have potential to be a good "Book" but it was a very short - short story that I was hard to get the entire story in there.

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