Mar 15, 2019

Finale Finale by Stephanie Garber

I am so excited for this book!
This is my most anticipated book of the year. I have already purchased 4 different copies of this book and have my eye on a couple other copies! I just wish I had other copies of the first 2 books. All I have of those are the Barnes and Noble editions. I do have the ARC of legendary also. Super huge fan... But if any one has the cards from the first 2 books for sale, please let me know! I go my submission put in for the pre-order on these. I missed the others.

If you have any special editions of these book you are looking to get rid of or sale, please let me know. I have money ready to.

Stephanie Garber has rose to be one of my never miss a book buy. Her writing is magical and she has a way to pull you into her world. I knew from the moment that Caraval released that I would love this world. It is full of games, magical elements, and trust issues but most of all, this book series kept me on my toes.

I did not think that there was a way for book 2 to out do book one, but wow. The world just go better and the fates are brought in to this world.

I can not see when where this book takes us. I really hope I am lucky enough to get my hands on advanced copy. However, I did see where Stephanie said on IG that there were very limited amounts for this book. I guess if I don't, I will just hold my breath to the release date, and just know that I will make sure I have no other books keeping my time on that day. This will be the book I pick up!

I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am!!

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