Review: Vampire Cheerleaders vol. 1

Feb 18, 2019

Vampire Cheerleaders vol. 1 Vampire Cheerleaders vol. 1 by Adam Arnold
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted something light to read so I picked up this Manga.

I thought the concept was very cute. I did enjoy the first part of the manga, Vampire Cheerleaders, but the second part, Paranormal Mystery Squad, was not my favorite.

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Vampire Cheerleaders:

The art work was very clean and simple to read. I thought the story was very cute.

We are met with your typical cheerleading high school group of girls that are very popular. One of their squad goes missing so they have to conduct tryouts to find a replacement but the thing that is different about this squad are the secret they carry. They are Vampires. Heather is from the B squad and her best friend has his an idea that the A squad are vampires but of course Heather thinks he is being silly. Will Heather make the squad if if so what happens to her is the question that should be ask.

Paranormal Mystery Squad:

Okay, this is why i gave this manga a 3 star. If it had been just the first start it would possibly been a 4.5 star but I did not enjoy this part.

First, the art work was everywhere. It was very hard to make out what was going on at times. The story could have been better if the art work was better. There was a lot of jumping from o e scene to another scene that left me wondering was was going on and what were they trying to do.

This story is about a paranormal mystery squad that kills paranormal creatures. When the main characters sister is turned and becomes one of the creatures, they try to find a cure. There was alot that went on but the story was blotchy making it hard to give great information on this.

I will move on to Manga 2 of this but I am not sure I will read the Paranormal Mystery Squad section. They only reason why I might read it is because you get a glimpse of Lori the head cheerleader from Vampire Cheerleaders at the end of the first manga for Paranormal Mystery Squad. I am not sure if the stories are combined later but I am moving on to book 2.

Book one left us moving on to Vegas for the Vampire Cheerleaders leaders as they are going to audition for a cheerleading competition.

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