Friendly Friday #7 - Free Ebooks

Dec 7, 2018

Hello Rustic Beauties,

Sorry I did not post last Friday. I was on vacation and took a complete week off for myself and spent some time with my husband and 4 fur babies. Speaking of "FREE" time, I thought this week I would focus on some free amazon reads.

I have notice several free reads right now on Amazon so I thought I would post them here for others to grab them while they can. All of these are free at the time of me posting this blog.

These are not a specific genre. There will be a mix of different types here so make your choice or take them all. They are free by either amazon or the author at this time.

Sit back, grab you a book, and hope you enjoy!
P.S. I am not affiliated with these authors or publishing companies in away. I posting this as my research.

1. The Pawn by Skye Warren
2. Craving by Helen Hardt
3. A very Country Christmas by Zara Stoneley
4. Tough Love by Skye Warren
5. Secret Games by J. S. Cooper     
6. Silver Bell by CJ Hunt              
7. Beneath the Mask by Meghan March        
8. Winter Nights: Ten Book Boxed Set         
9. Breathless In Love by Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully
10. Country Heaven by Ava Miles
11. Decidedly Off Limits by Stina Lindenblatt
12. One Night Stand by J. S. Cooper
13. Meant to Be by Melody Grace
14. Inside the Whispers: a tense, haunting psychological thriller by A J Waines
15. Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins    
16. The Fireproof Girl by Loretta Lost
17. Rescuing Rayne by Susan Stoker   
18. At Any Price: A Billionaire Virgin Auction Romance by Brenna Aubrey

These are just a few that I found on amazon.

Also, if you are not subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, I recommend it. If you like to listen to free audio books you can not find on audible or scribd, you can find some here. I found some excellent listens by having Kindle unlimited. If you are subscribed, just look for the following Kindle Unlimited logo that shows a free  listen.

Alright guys! I hope you enjoyed this small Friendly Friday take on free Ebooks. If you would like for me to try to post these often, let me know and I will try to come up with a free ebook posting each week. May like Freebie Wednesday or something. I am always looking to come with something new to post here.

Thanks guys! Love ya!

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