Friendly Friday #10 - SUPER BUSY

Dec 28, 2018

Hello Rustic Beauties!

Sorry I did not have a post up this morning. This week has been super busy for me. We have had a girl on vacation at work and I am doing her work and my work plus this is a short week due to the Holidays, so I have been extremely busy.

The sad thing is, I have done NO reading over the holidays. I am still on the same current reads I was on last Friday. You can check out that read below on this page if you want to see the last books I was on.

I hope you have beat your Goodreads challenge this year. I am so happy with the fact that I have read 53 out of my 50 I set. I exceeded it by 3 so I am happy with that, but I am in the process of making a 2019 reading challenge, which is above now, for easy access. I will get this updated and try to keep it updated through out the year. I want to branch out and read several new series and some that I keep raves about. I strongly want to up my website and give your greater content next year and my big goal is also to start my Youtube channel. I have finally got my tripod and my camera, but now I need to get my lights and get my area set up. I am a bit nervous. I used to use my account for unboxings but I was not really into it and my channel was boring to me and I was just not happy with the content. I want to start vlogging, not just book vlogging, but also daily vlogging but include my reading in my vlogs. I really hope I can get my self together this year and perform for you guys. I am excited to really branch out and meet new people in the next year and join in some fun read alongs as well.

Until next time guys!!

Love ya!

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