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Nov 27, 2018

Lies Lies by T.M. Logan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this from the publishing company. Thank you to the publishing company for sending me this book. I was requested it because I was very intrigued by the synopsis.

My Rating 3.75***

***side note*** if you try to listen to the audiobook and follow the book - the words do change based on it being read in UK verses the US addition. I had never had this to happen before but when it first starting happening, I thought I was lost in the book. You would also noticed there were different letters written in the book verses what they read in the audiobook. So just know that the audiobook and the book itself are different in some ways and have different parts that change. I am glad I did listen and read along because I was able to get both views of the story.

This book is what it says it is. All about a family full of lies and secrets. Granted before I was even half way through the book I figured out what was going on. I think I have watched to many mystery and thrillers not to figure this out.

Joe Lynch loves his family. His wife and son are his life but things soon fall apart. Joe and his son see his wife pull into a hotel parking lot as they are traveling down the interstate and his son wants to see his mommy. So being the great dad he is, he takes his son to see his mommy. Joe seeing his good friend, Ben and (Joe's) his wife arguing and he confronts him as he leaves the hotel. There is an argument between them and Ben falls and hits his head. Joe can't stay around to help because his son is having an asthma attack. Later Joe returns to help Ben but Ben is missing. The search begins for his missing friend.

Joe starts getting his Facebook hacked because he lost his phone and starts getting messages and text from Ben on his new phone. He is on a cat and mouse chase trying to find Ben because he has on him on the run.

After the police get involved the story begins to unfold and secrets start being revealed.

Like I said, did predict the end of the book but I was still a very good book. There were moments where I got bored and felt it could have been shorter but overall I still have it a 3.75 stars!

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