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Nov 5, 2018

Legendary Legendary by Stephanie Garber
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I did receive this book as an ARC but I never got around to the ARC but I did buy the B&N edition of this book. But I opted to listen to the audio book. Thank you to Flat Iron Books for sending me this amazing ARC.

Stephanie Garber did it again. I love her writing. She has a way of drawing me into her books from the first page.

Legendary is book 2 of Caraval. Legendary also tells the story from Tella's perspective unlike book 1 which told the story from Scarlett's perspective.

This story is amazing. I see why there were special cards with the pre-order of this book. It was amazing. I wish I had got the pre-order but I missed out on that. Hopefully I will see someone that wishes to sell their cards...???

We follow Tella as she begins her story with the memories of her mother and how she found a deck of cards and her mother told her the secrets these cards hold. Tella was young when her mother went missing and Scarlett hates her mother because she left them. OR did she?

Now we follow Tella as she is on her way to play another game of Caraval but she has made a deal with a mysterious criminal that if she wins the game he can save her mother. But is it "just a game" this time? The deal is, if she wins the game, the first person she will see is Legend and she will save her mother.

Upon arriving to the new game of Caraval, Tella has realized that her deal with the criminal has a deadline and she needs to contact him because she needs to extend the date but upon meeting him she finds out he wants more from her than he first ask of her. She must give him the identity of master Legend if she wishes to save her mother but if she doesn't win the game she will not be able to save her mother from the fates.

The story of the cards are that there are a group of people called the "Fates" with special powers that have been captured and held captive inside a set of cards. This is the deck of cards that Tella found when she was young that soon after her mother went missing.

The games starts and this story takes so many twist and you are amazed the characters become in the book. Just when you think you know who someone is, the real identity comes out. You are not sure if they are one of the fates or not. Also, you think you know who Legend is but then you find out it is not who you think it is.

I love the love story that forms for Tella but does she actually ever except her love for him???

I definitely recommend this series. I can not wait until book 3 comes out.

I love this story.

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