Review: I Was Here

Aug 8, 2018

I Was Here I Was Here by Gayle Forman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Gayle Forman read and I am glad I picked this one.

Trigger Warning: Suicide

This story is based of a real girl named Susie. I wish I would have know that while reading this book. I did not find out until the book was over and it was read at the end of the book.

The story has changed Susie to a girl named Meg. Meg suffered from depression and this is not a spoiler but it starts with the first chapter telling you that Meg committed suicide. The rest of the book is about Cody trying to find the reason why Meg committed suicide. Meg and Cody were the best of friends and told each other everything, or at least that is what Cody thought.

This journey is to find out the death of her friend makes you think of people you listen too on the internet.

Just remember, we are all important. If you struggle with depression and suicide thoughts, don't search it out from those that have the same thoughts or people you don't know. Let those that love you, help you.

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