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Feb 27, 2018

Freeks Freeks by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was so excited to start this book. I love a good carnival book and this one did not let me down.

The story starts with the crew of "FREEKS" headed to Caudry to set up for 10 days. They were told if the carnival would come for 10 days they would get a great pay at the end of 10 days. But as the crew got closer to Caudry things did not feel right. Things began to happen. They began to loose their powers and they were being stalked on nightly basics leaving several of the members hospitalized. Many wanted to leave for safety but others wanted to stay so they could have the money.

Their is a love story that unfold in the book that I loved.

Once upon arrival, Blossom went missing. Blossom was a young girl that was part of the carnival. This was my issue with the book and why I gave it 4 stars. Blossom goes missing the first day and no one goes looking for her or contacts the police to report her missing. They just assume she is in the next town over. (FOR 10 DAYS???) with no contact from her. The author could have added a little story line where at least she was included in the story and where the police were looking for her but the police were being threated in they actual reported her found but this "Family".

I don't want to put spoilers on here but I loved the paranormal concept of this book. I did predict some of the ending the closer the end got. But even know what was going to happen I still really enjoyed this book.

There is a lot of bloody aspects in this book, witchcraft, and magic aspects to it. I just wish the story of Blossom would have been told better.

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